Tuesday, June 22, 2010

it has been a while now...haha...XD

i'm not really in the mood to write in dis blog
for quite sometime already..
haha..dunno y..
maybe i'm better at keeping things inside
the no-to...
but since i'm in the mood to write today
i'll share something out of my unspoken thought..
hm...these past few days was quite
tiring me both inside out..
hua3..i'm bzy having fun with things
and at the same time
i still need to work out my pre prac
hua3...u know y i said dat i'm having fun..?
coz i dun really hav much to do in this school
haha...just sit in this room and watch all the students
playing around...without noticing that i'm watching them
hahaha...i really do like to do this once in a while
(like i'd stop doing it)=p
well..back at home..
its just me alone again...nothing to be done
just sleep...sleep...sleep and sometime
i went out to chase for something
dun really know what it is
but i do know dat i'm desperately looking for it
for a reason..hua3
am i??
nvm...i'll finish my pre prac here
in dis SMJ in 2 days time
hua3...i felt like i'm graduating already...haha..LOL!!
and i'll be back in UKM soon too...=)
hm...i'm quite addicted to songs lately..
most of it are korean~
lalala~ since i've watch a few series of drama already
i become addicted to its songs..hua3
hm...even now i'm downloading a few korean songs..
its beautiful act...when u know the meaning and story
behind the song...haha..
niway...dats it for now..
pai2...mata ne...atode....~ =)

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