Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Selamat Tinggal Harapan~ yg tinggal, skadar renungan~

well...mybe disebabkan barakah bulan posa ni
banyak berlaku perkara-perkara yang
rentap sentap menyentap di dalam hati dan kepala otak ini~

nothing much act..
but still..it affect some part of me now n always from now on
there's nothing wrong in being ambitious isnt it?
but..there are boundaries that u need know
so that u r not going to cross it or going over it
u need to control ur own self
if not..u wont be ready if something came up in the middle
its not like i'm not aware of this
but we're humans and humans often makes mistakes
what i'm trying to say here is that
u can always hoping for something...but
never put it up beyond ur capability of reaching it
even if u saw that there are 'stars'
lighting up ur hope..
but remember..stars are not always there
there're times where the stars cannot be seen
even when there're no clouds exist up on the sky...
hence..do prepare urself
if not..u r gonna witness a painful scene up on the sky
came out from no where~
so...do remember ya Afiq~ =)

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