Thursday, March 10, 2011

Saja nk share~

The sense of balance is established by a complex interaction between several different parts of the body. These parts work together to deliver signals to the brain to inform the brain about the position of the body and the various aspects of the body's motion. The following parts of the nervous system are what is responsible for maintaining the sense of balance:

The inner ears
The eyes
The skin pressure receptors
The muscle and joint sensory receptors
The Central Nervous system

The inner ear has a very important role in this whole process. It monitors the direction of motion. This includes the turning, forward-backward, side to side, and up and down motion. The organ in the inner ear that relays this information for motion is called the labyrinth. The labyrinth has 3 semicircular canals that identifies this motion. These 3 canals are the superior, posterior, and the horizontal canals. The canals are filled with fluid and the motion of this fluid is what describes the direction of motion for the brain. The slightest problem in the labyrinth can have a dramatic effect on balance for an individual.

dalam dua minggu ni ada dua tiga kali muntah2...
so bila jumpa doc utk kali ke2..
ni la penjelasan yg dy bg...
ada something yg ganggu kawasan telinga tengah n skaligus mengganggu
sistem balancing badan..sbb tu la muntah2~
sbb knpa jadi cmtu...doc tu tlupa nk ckap kot..huhu..n gua pon lupa la nk tnya la bro~ ;p



Sometimes..things are better to leave Unspoken...