Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm a new guy....

starting over again on blogging from today and onwards..hope dis time it would be reasonable enough like last time.. even though i mess a few things up last time...hope it wont happen again and again..huhu turn out to be unexpected everyday in my life....i'm sure that u guys also agreed to that...we can expect something in our life but we cant really depend on it since there is so much other unexpected things are waiting to jump out into our life....

hm...i'm trying to persuade myself rite now to do something that are completely different from what i've done before...hope it'll get trough well....its not easy for us to change but its necessary for us to make the 1st step towards it...=)

hope u guys who read dis blog...if u know me...then pretend not to be...haha....all i hope for is just a share of thought so that i'll be able to get trough the dark cave within me....bcoz dis life is all about us...its about choices...what we choose...make what kind of person we are...dun we?

what am i babling rite now ni...?hahaha...dun really understand myself too sumtimes...but dont bother ya..i know well where am i standing rite now....

for those who read dis blog...welcome and hope we can be fren yar~

papapapai~ and thanks~


  1. salam..
    helloo.. salam perkenalan.

  2. oh ya.. lagu kita sama. more than words.. mcm knal je kamu ni. oppss!! =)

  3. Assalamualykum,
    nice try here...ganbare neh.. =)

    Niza>i think i know

  4. cit...xleh nk sembunyi langsung~ huhu



Sometimes..things are better to leave Unspoken...