Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Di Atas Nama Cinta~

"Dont you "love" me?"
"Nope, I dont think so.."
"Ok then..i'm sory.."

dialog xley blah yg berlaku dlm tempoh 15minit
pada 1 June 2011..
[*p/s:dialog2 sblm tu xyah tulis la kot..huhu*]
erm..minta maap minta ampun kalo awk bca ni yer..huhu
its not like i mention ur name here anyway..
n minta maaf gak sbb da lpas hang up td baru terperasan
yg ayt td tu ter'amat'lah straight forward..huhu..

i'm not the old me that you know years ago...
people change..
n so did i..
i refused to let u mumble around without any black n white answer
we havent meet each other for quite a long time
but still, u r keeping that feeling inside..
n dis time, i'm leaving u behind with an answer..
dis time..its a definite answer..
i really appreciate that u still hold on to
the trust that we shared long long long time a go..
but dis is not the time...
maybe it is for u..but not me for sure...
i'm already married...
married to my life...
married to my responsibilities...
married to trust that are given upon me...
married to my family...
n i'm not ready yet to be engaged to another uncertain fate of life...
i'm hoping that you can understand that
because that i'm married to 'them'
they are real
n they need me
n i'm nothing without them
cos that is why i am the way i am right now..
there is no junction for turning back..
even the U turn signboard had been lift from my life...
i'm leaving all the things that i once owned
just to save those 'wives' that i had right now...

we were best friend..
but somehow..
we'll be just friend..
u'll have ur super friend later to replace this not so good best friend of yours..
haha..but dont worry, i wont be there if u need me..
but ur family n friends will...n Allah too..=p

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