Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Here comes goodbye..~

You were once my air. Now that you're gone, but i still have to breathe.

You were once my strength. Now that you have left, yet i still need to be strong.

To the one who used to be my air and my strength, how i wish that i could tell you these:

Do not fall sick..'cause i wont be there to ease your pain.

Do not trip..'cause i wont be there to help you to stand.

Do not be sad..'cause i wont be there to cheer you up.

Do not cry..'cause i wont be there to wipe your tears.

Do not be afraid..'cause i wont be there to put your heart at rest. not worry about me..'cause from now on, i will stop worrying about you.

Do forget i will stop myself from thinking of you.

Even if it's hard,even if it's killing me from within..

That is what i'm gonna do and I'm obliged to.

There will come a day

That I'll be fine as fine can be.

And on that day,I will let you see my smile..used to be yours.

It's still the same smile,

but the reason behind that smile won't be the same..

Not to show that i'm happy to see you again

but to tell you how glad i am

that i can make it to that myself.

Insyaallah,with His will. I shall prove it.

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