Monday, July 18, 2011

A mother who lost her son...

today i went to see my Tesl Program Coordinator
well..dis is the second time i met her personally..
when i arrived there..
she was busy with her RA i think..
then when i came in..
she was stunned for a sec i think..
and then she told me to come in..

when i sat on a chair their..
she talked to her RA..
"i thought just know that he was Amin u know"..
n her RA look at me and smiles..
then she continue
"u know, i my son last month..he met an accedent with a car..
will riding his scooter..
i wasnt his fault but somehow....
anyway..there..he did write "amin was here on 1999 and i'm 6"..
(she pointed her son's writing on her whiteboard in the room)
my husband take this quite deep..
he refuse to accept the driver when he said that he wanted to come to the funeral..
but i take it must take it lightly.."

then she said that he was a good son
the cleverest among all
the most handsome
and he was 25 when he's gone..
at least he's free from making any sins after this..

sangat tacing ayat n nada dy td..adoi...
tdiam ja dngaq dy cita td...wa3~

mcm mna la kalo ak yg pergi dlu n tinggalkan my parent behind..
what would possibly happen to them..
well..i hope..all the things that i left behind was something good
that would remind them of me always..

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