Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Susahnya nk Hadam Ilmu~ huhu~

Lama dah x rasa mcm ni..~ haha
the thrill is back!! wuuhuuu~
p mna pon usung buku skrg..hahaha~
kalah orang exam..
tp alhamdulillah..dapat manfaat
wlaupon stdy benda yg xdak kaitan ngn kos yg ak blaja skrg..
baru perasan yg otak ni dah berkarat bnyak
so k kena cuci2 balik
bagi ada ruang kosong yang bnyak utk nk isi ilmu..
bnyak sgt benda2 xdak pekdah melekat kat dlm ni
mcm mna nk buang??

this feeling kinda weird u know..
since it has been quite a long time for me to have it back
its like i've been into a long long long long longgggg vacation...
and when i'm back
things are not there or have changed a lot
not only the process
but me too have changed..
its a relief that i can have the opportunity to acquire it back
rather than being lack of it..huhu..

not got to go~

GOOD TO GO!! Yeah!! Men Hujan JOMMMM!!!!!!

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