Sunday, May 8, 2011

Waking Up~

looking away is not something that we should do when we are facing the truth
a word that are nice to hold on to
everyone always said that there are nothing can be solve
if u turn away from ur problems
just like that..
as for me..
sometimes it is hard to accept the reality of life
but somehow
we need to think that there are others
who suffer more than we are in these days...
i've been sinking in tears these past days in my life
not only mine
but also their's which i wont forget until the day i die
these things makes me think that i'm nobody
i'm nobody to Him..
He can take whatever He gave to me in a flash
just like that..
and i'm not in a position to rebel towards His action..
all i need to do is that..
have FAITH in whatever He plans for me..
and that is what i'm doing right now..
i hope that Allah could give me strength to roar up another
new chapter in my life..with no regrets..

1 comment:

  1. insya-Allah.. never ever turn r back to Him.. =)



Sometimes..things are better to leave Unspoken...